We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite gifts in this year’s holiday gift guide for the coming holiday season! Check out our guide to find the perfect git for each person in your life.

The Botanist

The Botanist | Riverview Gift Guide
A. Microwave Flower & Herb Press $18.99
B. Cavallini Flower Garden Puzzle $26.99
C. Serpent Pot $6.00
D. Mixologie Inspired Rose Floral Perfume Sm $9.99, Lg $22.99

The Free Spirit

The Free Spirit | Riverview Gift Guide
A. Meli Beeswax Wraps $8.99-$29.99
B. Scout Suncatcher $34.99
C. Pour Vida Herbal Sage & Crystal Wands $22.99-$24.99
D. Aleah B’s Reusable “Paper” Towels with holder $54.99

The Rugged Character

The Rugged Character | Riverview Gift Guide
A. Titan Damascus Steel Knives (prices vary, see store for details)
B. Piranha Multi Tool $14.99
C. Big Texas Beard Kit $59.99
D. Little Biker Gnome $6.99

Gifts for Babies

Gifts for Babies | Riverview Gift Guide
A. Oli & Carol Rubber Teething Toys $18.99
B. Farm Tails Soft Cloth Baby Book $18.50
C. Wooden Percussion Instruments $24.99
D. Cactus Crib Toy $30.00

Gifts for Toddlers

Gifts for Toddlers | Riverview Gift Guide
A. Eco Kids Busy Box $29.99
B. Candylab Cars Dr. Salty Pretzel Truck $20.00
C. Amusable Clemantine by Jellycat $18.50
D. Wooden Push Along Lion and Baby $14.99

Gifts for Kids

Gifts for Kids | Riverview Gift Guide
A. Idea Box Story Prompts $24.99
B. Waff Personalized Journals (prices Vary)
C. Bell Darts $14.99
D. Kids in the Garden Magnifying Glass $5.99
E. Crazy Crayons Recycled Crayon Sticks $7.99
F. RoLife Borrowed Garden Model $29.99

The Riverview holiday gift guide features products available at our online store for your convenience, or feel free to visit our showroom!

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