Pond, Waterfalls, and Water Features

Our pond services team can build you beautiful ponds, wonderful streams, and unique waterfalls.

Riverview Ponds, Waterfalls, and Water Features

Ponds, Waterfalls, & Water Features

Thinking of creating a pond or water feature in your space? Our team can build you pond, streams, and waterfalls. Meet with our designers and let them bring your vision to life. We’ll build it for you.

Riverview Pond and Waterfall Maintenance

Pond & Waterfall Maintenance

Providing proper care for your pond, streams, and waterfalls will keep the plant and animal life healthy for years. Not only does Riverview install these water features, but we provide maintenance services to keep them healthy and vibrant.

Custom Pond Design & Installation

What could be more relaxing than the sound of a gentle waterfall or a babbling stream? A water feature can completely transform your garden into a magical and relaxing getaway.

When installing a pond, you have to consider the pond’s depth (especially if you want fish or plants), how the water will flow, how to keep the water clear, and so much more. If your pond is not installed correctly, you could end up with an algae-infested, leaky mess! The experienced and talented designers at Riverview can properly install a beautiful pond that you and your family will enjoy for many, many years to come.



Waterfalls make a great addition to just about any pond. Not only are they beautiful, but they also add movement and sound to your garden. They also provide aeration which helps to your fish happy and healthy. If you want to add a waterfall to your existing pond or need to have your waterfall reworked, our designers can create a gorgeous waterfall built to last.



Have you ever dreamed of finding a property with a beautiful stream lazily trickling through the landscape? It doesn’t have to be a dream! Riverview can design and install your very own man-made stream for you and your family to enjoy.

Dog Ponds

Have you ever considered installing a refreshing pond for your canine companion – a place for him or her to play and cool off during the “dog” days of summer? A dog pond can be a treat for both you and your dog and a beautiful addition to your garden.

 However, there are several factors to consider when installing a dog pond, such as location and the size and depth needed for your breed of dog. Riverview’s experienced designers can build a custom dog pond perfect for your water-loving pooch.

Pondless Water Feature

If you want a beautiful waterfall or fountain without the hassle of maintaining a pond, a pondless water feature may be the answer. Our experienced designers will design and install a pondless feature that provides the beautiful features of a pond without a messy body of water!

Bi-Weekly or Monthly Pond Maintenance

If you want your pond to continue to look great throughout the seasons, it will require some maintenance. Wouldn’t it be nice to hand that task over to someone else? Get all the beauty without any of the headaches when you hire Riverview to service your pond. We can come out biweekly or monthly to clean and inspect your pond. Plus, our crew is available for emergency visits.

Spring Pond Opening

When spring has sprung, and you’re ready to get back outside to enjoy your landscape and pond, our maintenance crew can prepare your pond for the coming season. We will remove any pond netting, clean the pond as needed, reinstall pumps & filters, and administer the appropriate microbial solutions or cleaning chemicals to get your pond ready for you to sit back and enjoy.

Fall Weatherization

 As the temperatures begin to drop, ponds need a little extra TLC. In the fall, netting prevents leaves from collecting in the bottom of the pond. In winter, pumps must be turned off, filters removed, appropriate microbial treatments applied, and plants cut back and winterized. A heater allows any gas build-up to escape. Save time and effort by letting the pond experts at Riverview take care of these tasks for you!

Lawn Installation

Lawn not at its best? Or do you need a lawn? Riverview can help build a lawn from scratch or work with your existing lawn to create a green space you’ll love.

New Lawn Preparation
Sod Installation
Over Seeding
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